Documentary, USA, 72 minutes, 2023


"The filmmaker has the courage to let her protagonist speak for herself and, together with her cameraman Bernd Effenberger, develops a clear and strong film language with minimal resources that brings us very close to the protagonist without taking up space." (SPECIAL MENTION - HOFER FILMTAGE FILM FESTIVAL 2023)


Sabrina`s first hand-written speech begins like this: They dropped me off at an apartment building that I had told them that I stayed at. As I stood in the small area, buzzing every single button, hoping somebody would let me in, they didn’t. But the two men, they finally drove away. I waited for what seemed like forever to walk home, making sure they did not come back…

More than a decade after a sexual assault in her teen years, Detroit resident Sabrina struggles to get by. Non-epileptic seizures and other post-traumatic symptoms deprive her of her mobility and her freedom. Her father, Darnell, who owns an auto repair shop in the city, is one of her closest confidants. Every day he makes himself available to drive his daughter where she needs to go. Together with her husband Tim, the two men form a cocoon around the young woman, but questions of guilt surrounding the past and her illness dominate family life.

The vacant house of Sabrina’s godmother, a source of her wounding, has become the focal point in her need to come to terms with that awful night. Accompanying Sabrina and her family members in their everyday lives as they come to grips with the past, this film seeks to ask—Can confrontation drive the restoration of the self?


DIRECTED BY: Gudrun Gruber
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Bernd Effenberger
EDITING: Sophie Oldenbourg
MUSIC: Dominik Giesrigl